mom sleeping with baby

You have just given birth to a beautiful baby, and you hear those words you and your husband prayed you would never hear “your child has ______________, and will have special challenges as they grow up”.

Or maybe you were like me and given your child’s diagnosis before they were even born.

Regardless of when you hear the diagnosis, you feel the room closing in on you, you start to feel suffocated by this incredibly overwhelming feeling of grief and sadness for the child you will never meet. You start to feel isolated before you have even had a chance to hold your baby.

There are so many questions going through your mind, “how will I care for them”, “will people understand”,” will they still want to be my friend”, “what do I do with work”, “who will help me” or “how will my children feel?”

Whatever your situation is in life, you will need a support network, other parents dealing with the same diagnosis; doctors; specialists; therapists; advocates and more.

The more you are prepared and educated on how to care for a child with a disability, the easier the experience will be. You will start to not feel so overwhelmed and will be able to start to enjoy this beautiful life, who has blessed your family.

Here you will find information, resources and organizations dealing with different disabilities. Learning to be an advocate for your child will help them to thrive in life, as you will be your child’s biggest advocate!



Disclaimer: Please note that the information noted in this section is strictly for informational purposes to educate parents, and any recommendations noted are purely that, a recommendation and that we are not in anyway endorsing these products, or services, unless we have specifically noted. It is up to each individual to decide what is appropriate for their situation and or child. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer or association directly if you should have any questions. You should also consult with your child’s pediatrician for further medical information.

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