Meet Marla

Hi I’m Marla.  I am a #special needs Mom Business Coach, Blogger, Author, Advocate but more importantly, my most fulfilling job is that of a Mom.

I was born and raised in New Jersey, and moved out to the Midwest shortly after I got married.  It was a difficult transition at first, being an East Coast girl from a large family, there was a big culture/lifestyle difference that I needed to get used to living in the Midwest. However, the biggest challenge for me was not having my family around to help me when my son was born.  My husband traveled a lot for work and I found myself craving relationships and some stability in my life.

I’m not going to fill you up with thoughts that it was easy.  There were a lot of late nights, caring for my special needs son and waking up exhausted in the morning to manage a business.
Marla Murasko
After I realized I didn’t have to do it alone, I hired a nanny to help me care for my son while I was in the office managing my business.  Having a nanny also brought me that interaction with others that I so craved and the comfort that it was okay to let someone else help.  So what I am saying is that don’t think you have to do it alone.  Reach out and ask for help from others.

I graduated with my Associate Degree in Interior Design, but worked my whole career as an Administrative Professional, where most of my career was working for Johnson & Johnson.  I loved my work it gave me the experience and knowledge of what it takes to become a professional business woman.

But soon after I moved to the Midwest, I realized that finding the perfect job was not as easy as it was in New Jersey.  So I decided to find a career that I enjoyed doing, that I could take on the road with me if I needed to.  So I opened a Virtual Assistant business.  I loved the flexibility it gave me and after my son was born I need that as I had to take him to many  therapy, doctors and specialists appointments.

I realized that no matter how demanding being a “stay-at-home” mom entrepreneur was, I knew that this was the best decision for the well-being and development of my son.  He became the inspiration for me to become a blogger and advocate.  I wanted to help others.

My Journey To Entrepreneurship and Fulfillment

It became very clear to me that my passion for special needs children and helping mothers was were I needed to be.

So I became a Board Member to her local Down Syndrome support group.

I decided to join some Mom Entrepreneur support groups and Special Needs support groups, in hopes to find the personal and business support I was looking for.  However, after joining several groups I  learned that there was not “one” group that addressed both mothers caring for special needs children while running a business from home, so I decided to create my own.

Hence the birth of the SpecialMoms Club.

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