Ways To Conquer The Clutter

As much as we try to stay on top of all the appointments and paperwork we receive everyday with the use of our PDA’s, calendars and files; new things enter our lives every day.  If you are not careful, these things can soon become clutter.  Here are a few tips to stay cleverly organized:

  • Make it work for you.  Make your organization process work for you and your style.  Do not create an elaborate organizing system that will take you longer to understand then to use.  Make it convenient for you to be able to put things back where they belong.
  • Put big projects on your calendar. Let’s say you have a big project that you want to accomplish that week.  For example, it may be cleaning out your closet or garage.  Look at your calendar and see what a good day to schedule that is.  If you notice that the day you chose has other appointments scheduled for that day, schedule it for another day.  Why?  If you are pulled away throughout the day for other things, you will end up with more disarray then you initially started because of an incomplete task.
  • Schedule some catch up time.  If you are noticing that you are starting to fall behind on certain tasks, schedule a day to play catch up.  Work only on that task until you have accomplished what you set out to do.
  • Complete tasks.  If you have several incomplete projects, they will start to weigh on you, causing you to get depressed and wondering how you will be able to get to it all.  By completing each task you start, you will begin to feel energized and a sense of accomplishment.

Organize Yourself and Your Thoughts

The way you are feeling that day, can affect what actions you decide to do.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about a certain project or task, you start to become stressed and therefore put off completing that task.

I would suggest making a plan.  Write out what parts of that task you can easily accomplish, so you can start to feel a sense of achievement.  This will help you to feel more empowered to complete that task.  Here is a quote to think about when you find yourself in this situation.  Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” by William James. 

Challenge for the week:  Take those appointment cards that are either in your wallet or taped on your refrigerator and enter them on to your calendar.  Nothing is more frustrating than a missed appointment.

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