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”Social Rules for Kids” is a book for school-aged children to help them with social skills. There are 100 rules that use a step-by-step approach. The chapters include Friends, School, Bullying, Feelings, Body Language, and Manners. Kids love to read it and they make terrific progress!

Recognizing that many children’s social problems stem from ineffective communication patterns, Social Rules for Kids – The Top 100 Social Rules Kids Need to Succeed written by Sue Diamond, MA, CCC, and illustrated by Sally Blakemore, addresses students’ social communication needs in school and at home.

This book helps open the door of communication between parent and child as they read the rules together and develop a social plan. When children try, and gradually master, these new ways of interacting, increased confidence and success in social interaction follow. Often, improved social skills literally change a person’s life. Current topics, such as Internet etiquette and video games, are included, in addition to more traditional challenges, including manners, body language, friendship, feelings, interacting with others, bullying and many more.

What makes this book particularly effective is that it breaks down these complex issues and reframes them into “rules,” written
directly to the young person reading the book with a teacher, parent or other adult. Each of the carefully selected and crafted 100 social rules starts with a short introduction or explanation, followed by easy-to-follow steps and ending with a take-away message (“Remember”).

About the Author
Susan Diamond, MA, CCC, is a licensed speech-language pathologist with a private practice in Alameda, California. She provides diagnosis and treatment of language delays and disorders and specializes in social language skills. Sue has more than 25 years’ experience in the field and is thea uthor of Language Lessons in the Classroom and co-author of Webs for Language. She has been on TV as an expert on social skills and has produced a DVD ,Diamond Social Skills. Sue has conducted workshops for therapists and teachers and has spoken at numerous conferences. Her passion is pragmatic language and helping people gain success in communication. When Sue is not working, she enjoys reading, gardening, and doing yoga. She also loves spending time with her husband and son, whose encouragement, love, and humor keep her smiling.

Here is a sample of the one the rules that I like:  Rule #86 Say the “Magic Words.”

Just as it sounds this rule is teaching kids a simple life lesson showing good manners.

What are the magic words?
“Please” and “thank you”.
I use these words to be polite and kind.
I use these words to show I have manners.

When to use “please”:
When I want or need something from somebody.
When I want or need help.
Example:    Wrong: “Give it to me”  Right:  “Please, give it to me.”

When to use “thank you”:
Someone gives you something (even if I don’t like it).
As I leave someone’s house.
My parents or friends do something nice for me.
Someone brings me something, like food or a drink.
Someone helps me.
When showing appreciation:
Examples:  “Thanks”, “Thank you”, “Thanks for helping me out”, “That was kind of you, thanks”, “I really appreciate it, thanks”.

Remember: If I say please and thank you, it shows I have nice manners!

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