Parenting Tips On How To Inspire Greatness in Children


Guest Post: by Sharon Gress, she is a contributing author at

Part of being a good parent is recognizing challenges and facing them head on.  You don’t have to get bogged down in guilt or self-doubt.  There are many ways to inspire your children towards goodness.

“You must nurture the ability
to care about others in
their early years.”


By admitting to our own weakness and fears, we teach our children not to fear a challenge.   parenting After all, they are little sponges that learn by example.  This does not mean that everything that we do or say will require an excuse.  When we make a mistake, we should be able to admit it openly without any fear of ridicule or finger-pointing.  People are not perfect, and everyone inevitably makes mistakes.  By surrounding ourselves with loving, compassionate and honest people you will teach your children a valuable lesson:  an open heart and a non-judgmental mind leads to a beautiful, compassionate person.

Be A Parent
Children need the benefit of parents who will truly parent them rather than trying to be their best friends.  We all know how difficult that it is to hear a child talk back to their parents, especially during the tween and teen years — parents must command a certain amount of respect, and this is impossible when the child thinks of the parent as his or her friend.  That being said,