{Holiday Guide} Review: YumEarth Organics

yum organics YumEarth Organics

I couldn’t wait to review these. I love fruit snacks and lollipops, but the fact that these are organic made it even more exciting.

I had hoped my son would try them, but he doesn’t like anything sweet.  The nice thing is these don’t actually taste artificially sweet, they taste REAL!

So with family in town (young teenagers), I asked them to try the fruit snacks and lollipops.

This was their response:




(Excuse the noise it was a little loud in my house)

Here is a great video of from the owners of YumEarth that talk about how they make their candy.


So where do you buy these great candies?  Here is a short list of some of places you can purchase YumEarth Organic snacks/candy:

Also available at
Walgreens – 7,000 stores
Whole Foods
Earth Fare
CVS – not all locations
Fred Meyer
Healthy Home Market
Toys R Us
Babies R Us
Shop Rite
Stop & Shop

I have to say my personal favorite is the Wet-Face Watermelon lollipop.  It truly is YUMMY!