Book: “The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew” by Lisa Eichlin – $8.99

I had the opportunity to review this book and I loved it.  It was a simple read, appropriate for the ages of 4-10 years old.

What an easy read with an important message.  This children’s book teaches a lesson about friendship and acceptance between a boy named Michael and his best friend the bravest boy he ever knew who is disabled.

I read this to my son and he was so interested in it.  The pictures were great and he was so intrigued by them that he was asking me questions.  I loved how engaged he was.  This is a must read book for everyone, a great way to start a conversation about differences and to explain that people that are different from us are just people too.  They like the same things, want to do the same things and that by accepting their differences can help to open up a whole world of new things to learn and new friendships.

Here is another great review of this book that I had to share:

Lisa Eichlin’s book “Bravest Boy” is an important contribution to a growing list of books about children with disabilities. Not only does the book introduce young children to others who may have a disability but can be just like them, it also exemplifies the extraordinary courage that children with disabilities have. The book and story will help healthy children to better understand and appreciate the disabled. F. Crohn

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