So “What’s Happening Wednesday”
"Hello SpecialMoms! It's time for What's Happening Wednesdays!"

“Hello SpecialMoms! It’s time for What’s Happening Wednesdays!”

What’s Happening Wednesdays brought to you by SpecialMoms!

So how is your Wednesday going?  Mine has been busy. Had a great meeting this morning with a client developing a plan to publicize her book. Then brought my car to get an oil change as we are heading to Mackinaw Island this weekend for my birthday.  I won’t say my age, but I am feeling it. My husband and I played “spy” this afternoon to see how my son was doing at day camp through our local park.  They were in the local pool and I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the counselors was spending one on one time with him.  You never know how people will take care of your child when you leave them in their care.  So it was nice to see that they are caring for them the way you would like them to.  I encourage every parent to check on your child from time to time when they are in school, camp or even if you let them go to the park on their own.  You don’t want to be mistrusting you just want to be caring!  I know it’s a double edge sword, but I am a mother and I have the right to know. Have a great rest of your day.  Stay cool!

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