Sleeping Techniques for You and Your Baby
Guest Post: Wendy Marie Desdeliah is a yoga-loving, dedicated mother. She is also a contributing author at Home Equity Loan.

Getting a baby to go to sleep can sometimes be very difficult, because it is up to the parents to get the baby to go to sleep. But there are many different ways to make the process easier.

Sleeping in Parent’s Arms
Your baby will feel safe and secure in your arms — especially with new born babies, because they have been in the mother’s womb for the past 9 or so months. So, the only thing that they know is being very close to the mothers. For the first few months the baby wants to be close to somebody, especially the mother. As soon as the baby is asleep, transfer the baby to the crib.


Bath Before Bed
Another way getting your baby to sleep is to give them a bath before bed time — adults often do the same thign. A bath is a relaxing agent. Another way to make sure that the bath is a relaxing agent is by using a lavender baby head-to-toe soap. The scent of lavender relaxes the body, and when the body is relaxed, it will not be long before the body will go to sleep.


What the Baby Wants
Another way to get a baby to sleep is pay attention to what the baby enjoys. Some babies enjoy listening to music or even to a TV program. Listening to a certain thing will relax the body. So when it is time for the baby to go to sleep, put on either the radio or a TV program that they love to listen to while they are falling asleep.


Simulate Night time
Another way to get your baby to go sleep is make sure that everything looks as if it is night time. Make the room dark — but not completely dark to the point where you cannot see. Just have it like it would if there were night light in the room after the sun has gone down. When the room is dark, it will give a signal to the baby’s brain that is night time — and therefore time to go to sleep.


Keep Baby Active
Another way to make sure that your baby will fall asleep at night time is by being active during the day with your baby. The more active the baby is during the day, the more likely the baby will be able to sleep that night. It does not mean that you have to get down on the floor to play with your baby everyday, because it can be hard — especially after working all day. If the weather is okay to do so, then take the baby outside for a walk, and the fresh air along with the activity will help them go to sleep.


Baby’s Self-Reliance
The last way to get your baby to sleep is letting your baby go to sleep on its own. Sometimes, this might seem mean — but it’s actually not, because they will have to learn how to go to sleep by themselves sooner or later. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be for the whole family. The longer you wait on having your baby fall asleep by themselves, the harder it will be in the future.

Each baby is different, so different techniques may or may not work for everybody. You will just have to find out which techniques will work for your baby and for your family.  We all know that when a baby sleeps, everybody will be able to sleep better — but when a baby does not sleep, the whole family will stay up all night!


For us we have a routine we go through every night.  Since he was a baby in the hospital we have played the same CD (meaning we are like on our 4th cd, now I have copied the songs to my iphone) but we play that every night and I wrap him in the same baby blanket that he used when he was little.  I even make sure to bring these things with us when we travel so he has familiar things with him when he’s in a new place.  It’s part of our nightly routine.

Do you have a nightly bedtime routine that you follow?

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