So what’s the buzz in the mommysphere? Subscription boxes! ~  We love them, but what are they?

Kiwi Crate

It’s an amazing concept that I wished I thought of.  Just like you get magazines mailed to you every month, well now your children can have a box of goodies mailed right to them.  Yes and it’s fun stuff.

As a mother of a child with special needs, I am always looking for different toys, games, apps or activities to review that my son can enjoy doing, while working on fine motor, cognitive thinking, eye hand coordination.  All things that are important for children to complete daily tasks.   

I have read such great things about Kiwi Crate, and was excited to be able to review it.  Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service in which a box of crafts is delivered right to your door step. For busy mothers this is an awesome service.  Your kids love receiving something in the mail, and moms love the idea of letting them be creative and learn in a fun way.  Plus, the best benefit you don’t have to do anything.  No trips to the craft store, figuring out what craft to do and finding all the pieces to complete it.  It’s all done for you!

Kiwi Crate does all the thinking and collecting and your child waits to receive their green box in the mail, and everyone is happy!


So How Does It Work?

Kiwi Crate

Each crate is designed around a fun theme and filled with all of the materials and inspiration for hands-on projects. Explore with arts & crafts, science activities, imaginative play, and more.  It’s such a fun way to spend time together while being creative.

The box we reviewed was “Busy With Bugs”.

Kiwi Crate














Each box is filled with the needed supplies to complete each project. Each project comes with an instruction booklet on how to create the project. And the instruction booklet is very easy to follow.  If your child is older and can read, they can do it on their own with the easy step by step instructions and diagrams.

Kiwi Crate



























We decided to do the Firefly project.

Kiwi Crate






























My son loved taking the stickers to decorate the bottle.  I just pulled them off the sheet and handed them to him.

Kiwi Crate
























After we finished decorating the bottle, it was time for the pipe cleaner antennae.  My son doesn’t know how to tie his shoes yet, so Mommy had to help with that part of the project.  Then the fun part putting the glow stick in and popping on the cork.

Kiwi Crate

























And we are almost finished.

Kiwi Crate

























Now it was time to create the Firefly face.  We had to put the googly eyes on.  Again this was a little hard for my son to do because he had a hard time holding them between his fingers, because they were so small (but they needed to be that size to fit on the cork) they kept sticking to his fingers.  But it was a great opportunity for me to help him so we could work “together” to finish the project and he loved the help.

Kiwi Crate



























Next it was time to put the string in the straw to let the Firefly fly.  Again this was a little difficult for my son, because of his low tone and fine motor issues, but after I got it through he pulled it out the other side.  This really was a great activity for him because it was all fine motor and eye hand coordination.  But the great thing is it wasn’t so difficult for him that it frustrated him to where he didn’t want to finish.  It really didn’t take long to create (I guess it depends on the child and how intricate they want to get decorating) but for us it was perfect.

Kiwi Crate




























And the Firefly is flying.  What a happy boy.  You can see how great he felt that he created this fun project.  We then took it to Dad to play with but Jacob loved just flying it around without the string.  He especially loved to see how it glowed, when I took him in to a dark room to show him.  He thought it was great.

Kiwi Crate   Kiwi Crate








And here is the finished project.  You can see on the picture to the right above with the black background the green glow stick we put inside.

I absolutely loved this box, my son and I had so much fun creating the Firefly.  We also have the Bug Painting to do but I will save that for a snowy day!

You can order these monthly or annually by clicking here to join!  If you have more than one child they give you options:

Ordering Options for Siblings

Here are the different options for accommodating siblings with Kiwi Crate:
Single Crate to Share We provide a generous amount of materials for one child – many of our projects, but not all, can accommodate two children.
Add Materials to a Crate We include extra materials for a sibling to share the crate. Our customers call it the “no fight” crate. Only $7.95/month.
Order an Additional Crate Each child can delight in opening their own package each month.


With the holidays coming it might be a nice gift from a family member.

Gift Subscriptions

Select a subscription length of 3, 6, or 12 months. Shipping is free. Each month, we’ll send a themed crate filled with art projects, science experiments, imaginative play, and more. We’ll provide all the materials and inspiration so the lucky recipient can just open the box and enjoy!

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