It’s finally here the first annual 2012 SpecialMoms Special Needs Holiday Gift Giving Guide.

As a mother of a child with special needs, mom blogger and mom entrepreneur I wanted to create a unique guide that is specially targeted to children with special needs and their families who care for them.  The intent was to reach out to small business owners, Etsy shops, mom entrepreneurs and people who have a vested interest or passion for the special needs community.  As a mom entrepreneur I thought this was the perfect opportunity to help support other mom entrepreneurs.

What I found was their experience and interests brought real unique and helpful products that I wanted to share with you.  I hope that the products you find in this guide are practical, but will be helpful and provide a real value to you and your child with special needs.  But more importantly, bring real joy to your holiday season!

As joyous as the season is, gift giving can be stressful especially if you are purchasing for a child with special needs.  My intent with this guide was to make it a little less stressful with practical, reasonably priced items that can provide a real value to the child and their families.

Please share this guide with others and would love any feedback that you may have.  You can either click the picture above or click here to view the guide.

Happy Holidays!

Marla Murasko, Founder of SpecialMoms A Special Needs Parenting Club


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