Is The “Little Mermaid” Play An Age Appropriate Field Trip For Kingergartners?


Today I went with my son on his first Kindergarten field trip, and it was to see the high school performance of “Little Mermaid.”  I have to say I was a little disappointed that this was their field trip.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was very taken back.  I didn’t feel it was an age appropriate field trip for 5 and 6 year olds, probably not for 7 and 8 years as well.


I looked around about midway through the show and there were kids crying or scared, because it was at times scary, dark and it was somewhat violent. The word “stupid” was used by Ursula which really bothered me since I have a child with Down Syndrome.  We try to teach our kids about words that are hurtful and here are high school kids using it in a play.


Yes I know it’s a play and it wasn’t real but since it was a field trip parents, were not there to talk to their kids or just make sure they were okay.  I can’t say their was a really great message that it was giving either to these impressionable minds.


Now don’t get me wrong I love Disney, in fact we are taking our family there for springbreak.  However, I think there are better productions that Disney has created that are simple, fun and have some educational meaning to them.


I brought this up to our PTO tonight and a parent asked me well do you have any better suggestions, and I said “yes I know there was no cost to the parents but why don’t we take them to the Humane Society and they can clean the animals, walk them and feed them, teaching them about responsibility or the youth orchestra can come to the school and perform or the choir can sing.  There are definitely better options out there than this.”  I said that” if this was the only option then I would rather they not go, or look at the entire audience of children attending these kinds of events, because there were some older children and make a better judgement if it’s appropriate for all.”


We have to learn how to protect our children or we can’t complain about the behaviors they demonstrate if this is what they see and hear.  I guess I just expected better judgement on the part of the school.



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