Eva Longoria Supports the 2011 Toys”R”Us Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids

As a company that loves all kids, Toys”R”Us, Inc. has a long history of supporting the special needs community. For nearly 20 years, they have published the annual Toys”R”Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids, an easy-to-use resource featuring specially selected toys that encourage play for children with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities.

You may click here to view the 2011 catalog online.

After viewing the catalog it’s nice to see that some of the toys my son has are in the catalog and I see a few that I have already put on his christmas list.

Thanks Toys”R”Us for making such a wonderful catalog that parents of children with special needs can feel confident about the toys that they purchase are reviewed by experts and have specific benefits that they provide our children.  Whether it be from a gross motor perspective or from a social skills level.  We can feel confident that if Toys”R”Us is recommending them then they have to have to be good.

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