Celebrating 4th of July Safely with Your Special Needs Child

4th of July can be a very beautiful, patriotic experience for any family.  But if your child has special needs it can be a very nerve-racking event.

For a child with special needs there are several things that can cause your child stress, the sound of the fireworks, the constant flashing of the fireworks, the crowds can all be overwelming to a child that has sensory issues.  Not including the safety and knowing that they don’t start the fireworks until it gets dark, you may go through lugging blankets and chairs through crowds, dodging misquotes for your child to fall asleep.

 So how can you enjoy 4th of July peacefully with your family?

Well if your local town is celebrating find a location that you can watch from the car. Maybe your local radio station is airing the event with patriotic music.   Bring some snacks and drinks and celebrate in the quiet comforts of your car.

Or maybe you can even find it being celebrated on the television.  For example Independence Day celebration at the White House, New York , some of the bigger cities may be airing their show on tv.  This way you don’t have to go out and fight the crowds.  Your children can decorate your tv room with red, white and blue paper chains or decorations.  You can make patriotic colored snacks and lay a blanket down on your carpet and celebrate in the quiet comforts of your house.

Happy 4th of July, stay safe!


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