(Guest post: Marta Bagley, Independent Consultant)

You probably have all heard about Scentsy candles, may even have some around your house.  Have you ever considered being a consultant?


Let me share with you Marta’s story:

I started my Scentsy business in August 2010. My husband had been unemployed for almost 9 months when I saw Scentsy for the first time.  I thought to myself “Could this really work? Why wouldn’t it? We love candles and most people we know do too!”

I started scheduling parties and soon the holiday season was upon us. Wow! Who knew selling wax and warmers would be so much fun AND easy!! I was working 2-3 nights a week and it was on MY schedule, not someone else’s. Another upside was my commission check…$500+ a month! Winter of 2010, I contributed enough income to help support our struggling family with my Scentsy business.

Fast forward to April 2012, my Scentsy income averages close to $800+ a month! During the holiday season, my paychecks are $1200 a month, working 1-2 hours a day.  Along with that I also earned an all-expense paid vacation for two to the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, now how can you beat that!

I love being my own boss! My children are my life and Scentsy has allowed me to be there when they need me.   

When was the last time your company paid you $75+ an hour? How about the last time they rewarded you with an all-inclusive vacation for two?

Scentsy’s philosophy of Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity has made us one of the fastest growing companies the direct selling industry has ever seen. As an Independent Scentsy Consultant, you’ll be embarking on an exciting new business opportunity, enjoying flexible hours, the ability to earn income, and the satisfaction of connecting people you care about with products you believe in.

If you would like to learn more about Scentsy and how to become a consultant, visit my page at: https://bagley.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home

To Live A Life Inspired is what Uppercase Living’s mission is.

The Art of Self Expression

Make your space a reflection of the unique individual you are. Whether you identify with a deeply motivational thought, a beautiful embellishment, a bold image, or a combination of these, Uppercase Living® expressions let you be who you are and let you express that uniqueness in your surroundings. We call this the art of self expression.

Today’s guest blog post is from Linda Atkins, Uppercase Living Demonstrator.

My name is Linda Atkins and I sell Uppercase Living. We sell beautiful vinyl expressions either available through our catalog or custom designs using our MyDesign Suite.

At Uppercase Living our mission is to help others Live a Life Inspired and I just love representing a company that exists simply to help all of us live the best

Special Mompreneurs

Special Mompreneurs

Hello Special Mompreneurs are you familiar with social media and how to use it to build your business?

It seems like the social media world is constantly changing and if you don’t stay up with it you can soon be left behind.  Knowledge is power and staying on top of the new and upcoming things when it comes to social media will only help make your business grow.

So here are 3 free ebooks that I found for you to help you in your social media endeavor:

1) How to Monitor Your Social Media Presence in 10 Minutes a Day

The Hubspot team, has created this 20-page eBook all about time management and social media. Now that you’re online and networking, learn how to optimize your social media efforts without spending hours online.

Find answers to questions like “what should I monitor and how?” Learn about tools that help you organize your social networking efforts and track them effectively.

2) How to Enhance Your Internet Presence with Social Media

This 34-page eBook by the generous and talented folks at Hubspot will help you toimprove and increase your brand’s presence on different social media networks including Twitter and Facebook. To download the eBook, you will have to provide your details and be a part of their email list. A very small price to pay for all the goodness that Hubspot offers business owners.

3) Why Your Blog is Your Social Media Hub by Debbie Weil

Debbie Weil is the authority in the world of business blogging and in this eBook she draws upon the experience of 32 other experts, including Seth Godin, David Meerman Scott, Guy Kawasaki and others to understand how and why a blog is actually a social media hub. The eBook is basically a compilation of what these experts had to say on the topic.

Why I find this eBook useful is that it helps a small business to understand why you need both a blog and a social media presence and how to use both effectively.

What social media ebooks or tools would you like to suggest?

Special Mompreneurs

SpecialMoms Entrepreneur Club Motivator Mondays: “Having A Good Goal”

Motivator Mondays

Welcome to Motivator Mondays:

Today’s Motivator Monday is:

“A Good Goal Is Like A Strenuous Exercise ~~It Makes You Stretch” – Mary Kay Ash, Businesswoman and Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics


Whether your goal is personal or business related you have to have one.  For you to achieve success you will need to push yourself and always reach for more.

I found this article and strongly suggest you read it.  It was very enlightening.  But the part of the article that I wanted to share with all of you was this “I laid out a timetable, made sure I understood what was required to achieve these levels, let others know what I wanted to achieve, and kept moving forward.”

You have to know exactly what you want and what it’s takes to take to get there.

If you have not signed up to receive my blueprint, please go to the SpecialMoms Entrepreneur website and opt-in to receive this FREE ebook.  It will help you to get a blueprint of what is needed to start a business and become an entrepreneur.

Motivator Mondays

Motivator Mondays

Calling all MOMS! Where Do You Shop For Your Boys?

Ok Moms I am on a mission would you like to join me?  As you can see I have a boys graphic tshirt from Carters pictured to the left.  Now I am only speaking for myself but I am personally tired of going shopping for my son who will be 6 yrs old in a week and when I want to just buy him some tshirts these are the kinds of tshirts that are available.


I mean everywhere you go, no matter what store you go to Gap, Macy’s, Target, JcPenneys wherever this is all you see for boys for the summer.  I know that boys are rough with their clothes and yes they are boys, but there has to be better options out there.  Girls seem to have such a wide range of clothes to choose from.  Even my husband had mentioned one time we were in the Disney Store at the mall, that “there seems to be more to choose from for the girls”.  Why is that? 


I know I probably spend way too much time thinking about this but I like for my son to look nice.   I want him to be comfortable but be presentable.  I’m not in to dressing him in skull heads (pictured to the right) and stuff like that, he doesn’t even know what that is nor do I want him to.  I fully believe that if you take the time to teach your child to look nice and to take care of their stuff at a young age, they will continue that as they grow up.


I found this shirt online at Old Navy and I like it.  They have a white one with a tiger face on the back.  I think it’s nice it looks comfortable and for $10 it’s really a steal.  You can dress this up or down.  It’s cute and different.









Now I know that the “skater look” is all about the hoodies and skulls (which I just mentioned above that I don’t like), but I did come across a nice tshirt from Shaun White (who as we all know and love the cute, long red-hair snowboarder from the Olympics).  He has a clothing line out with Target.  Which I do like to shop at Target, so I was surprised I have never seen his clothes before.  But this shirt is nice.  You can definitely layer this or just wear it alone.  But the great thing is the price.  Online this shirt is available at Target for $8.99.  So for a more casual look this might be a nice way to go.

The other problem I have with my son is that he is fairly on the tall, lean side so I need to look for shorts and pants that have the adjustable waist.  They are becoming more easier to find but can be a little more expensive.








But I have to say my favorite look for my son is the madras shorts or plaid shorts. I absolutely love this look from CDW Kids.  But they are fairly expensive, so that’s my point.  How do you dress your son in a reasonably priced way but not give up quality and look?


I would love to hear your thoughts, and where you shop for your son.


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