Who Are SpecialMoms?

A definition of a Mom Entrepreneur, or “Mompreneur,” is someone who has the entrepreneurial drive to manage a family and start and operate a profitable venture that benefits their family.

 Now you add the word “Special” in front and you have added an additional ingredient to the recipe now called a Special Mompreneur!

You still have a working mother, who still has an entrepreneurial dream, but has been given additional responsibilities unlike those of other mothers.

 Some people may say that it takes a special person to care for a child with special needs, I call it a privilege.

 A wonderful responsibility that only you know, that you have been hand-picked by God to care for Heaven’s Special Child

So Who Are We?

We are a group of like-minded moms who all have one thing in common…we care for a child with a disability.  We are still mothers, sisters, business women, friends and wives.  We have similar interests, dreams and ambitions.  We may own our own business or may be researching how to start one while juggling the demands of being an advocate, caregiver and mother.

We have opinions, ideas, and thoughts about life, products, services and resources.  We are “thought-leaders … we are change-makers.”

We are passionate and driven.  We are fearless, we don’t surrender.  We ask questions and we normally don’t take “no” as an answer.

We may all have the same questions, concerns or experiences when it comes to the daily struggles of caring for a child with special needs, running a business, how we take care of ourselves in the process, and how not to loose sight of the other members in our family.

The SpecialMoms Club is a supportive place to network, share, inspire, empower, and dream together.  To become successful business women and even better mothers.


Marla Murasko, Founder and Mother of a Child With Special Needs, Author, Advocate, Blogger


  1. Studies have shown that mothers with children who have special needs are 7 times more likely to report that employment affects their childcare. Our agency is opening one of the first daycares that combines intensive therapy for children with developmental delays. In honor of #womensday Indiegogo recognizes our contribution to women and is going to donate and extra $1 for each $25 donated on Monday 3/3 and Saturday 3/8. This will be a groundbreaking opportunity for working mothers. Please help spread the word! http://igg.me/at/allaboutchanginglives/x/5609650

  2. I’ve been helping special needs families for 9 years to light the path through medical challenges. Last year I decided to make it official and start my own company. It has been so amazing to see families go from feeling helpless and without direction to getting what they need for their child and creating a plan and special needs care binder tailored to their child. Getting them the items medically necessary after being turned down again and again. Seeing the smiles and reading the thank you notes are what keep me going when it’s been 16 hours of reading through medical records. I have my own Special Needs Child and if I would have known at the beginning what I know now… Let’s just say their would have been less sleepless nights. Feel free to check out my site and to contact me anytime. http://www.goldenraysofhope.com

  3. I have an Assistive Technology company that passes on discounts to parents of children with Special Needs.

    I have a son with Cerebral Palsy.

    If I can ever help any parent, it would be my pleasure.

    Teresa Hughes

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